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LOVESPACE LoveSpace lovespace

Performed for; Mois Multi festival international d’arts multidisciplinaires
et électroniques, Les Productions Recto-Verso residency, Québec City Canada, &
SAIC’s In/Form performance festival, Chicago Illinois

    What is Black Sacred Space? Pulling from the etymology of its latin root
“sacrare” which means to consecrate and “set apart”, a Black Sacred Space is
a space that requires action, a space of responsibility, and a radical space
of love ethics. How and what space should one “set apart”? What space could
a culture connected by threads of genealogy, through proximity and osmosis,
having gone through creolization, migration and reclamation, possibly inhabit
in a holy or holistic manner? And what could the accentuating of these spaces
offer on a global scale, one that leans toward a future of love?




to build community requires vigilant awareness        bell hooks