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Suspended Culture Collective 

 jordan brown. lynn hunter. carissa pinckney. kezia waters 

Suspended Culture is an emerging Black art collective based in Chicago, IL.

A Suspended Culture is a culture on pause, a movement interrupted, a dream deferred.
As a collective of visionaries, our work together inhabits the liminal space of a dream.
Time is no longer necessary here; rather, time collapses into an ever-expanding radical
presence. In a Suspended Culture, we play. We rehearse the future and we invite love to
bind us to what liberates us.
We consider love a revolutionary practice through which it can conjur anything required,
and a Suspended Culture exists in an alternative reality rooted in love. It embodies
Afro-surreal interpretations of Black futures, embraces the absurd, and thinks with the
body. A Suspended Culture uses pleasure as its map and sinks int the portal of “Yes, and...”.
A Suspended Culture is a moment of rest!

to build community requires vigilant awareness        bell hooks